The 57 Best Gifts for Runners to Help Them Reach a New PR

Make every mile even better with these picks.

57 Gifts for Runners in 2022 According to Runners Fitness Trackers Massage Guns Foam Rollers

Courtesy of the brands / Soleil Summer

Shipping deadlines are fast approaching, and if you’re starting to holiday shop for loved ones who love to jog, these thoughtful gifts for runners will make the task so much simpler. After all, the right running gear—like a durable pair of running shoes and a high-quality sports bra—can make a good run even better.

Every runner has their own particular needs and gear preferences, so we asked runners from across the country what running gifts they’ve received in the past and loved, or what they would like to receive this year. From warm-up to the post-run cool-down, below, you’ll find a wide range of options for the best gifts for runners. We included running leggings, sports bras, hydration packs, sunglasses, running socks, massage guns, fitness trackers, and snacks from Amazon, Lululemon, Therabody, Triggerpoint, Under Armour, Hyperice, Garmin, Nathan’s, Nike, and more.

Find the perfect gift to please your favorite runner friend for their birthday or the holidays and help them get their heart rate up, whether they’re aiming to complete a 5K or just hit some new PRs.

For more present picks, check out all of the best gift ideas of 2022.

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  • Amazon

    Hyperice Hypervolt Go

    This massage gun is a total game changer. It ends up saving you money since it can replace a massage. It’s also quiet and easy to use. —Sarah Rabourn, runner in Houston

  • Hoka

    Hoka Bondi X

    I love this shoe because it doesn’t lose the essence of the original Hoka Bondi, which has been my go-to trainer. The Bondi X provides the same amount of cushion but with some extra speed thanks to the carbon plate they added. It’s a great shoe for long runs and races. —Jocelyn Rivas, runner in Los Angeles

    Available in sizes 5 to 11.

  • Amazon

    Bose Sport Earbuds

    I am the pickiest person I know when it comes to wireless earbuds for running. I want some that fit securely in my ears without pushing up against my cartilage piercings. These are comfortable, and I never worry about them falling out. Plus, I like that they’re small and discreet so other people can’t see that I’m wearing them. —Melissa Matthews, runner in New York City

  • Amazon

    SPIbelt Original Pocket Running Belt

    I don’t love carrying things or dealing with pockets in hot months, so this running belt has been the perfect solution. —Elizabeth Corkum (AKA Coach Corky), runner and running coach in New York City

  • Backcountry

    Goodr OG Polarized Sunglasses

    These shades make the perfect gift for the runner in your life. From superheroes to national parks, rainbows to shamrocks, the ever-changing selection gives you plenty of fun options to choose from. Best of all, these sunglasses stay put as you run and don’t fog up. Most runners start with one pair and soon find themselves with a collection. —Amanda Kernahan, founder of RememberGrams and runner

  • Courtesy of the brand / Amanda K Bailey

    Triggerpoint Grid Textured Foam Roller

    A foam roller like this one loosens tight muscles and helps you prepare for your race. I suggest runners use it before races to prevent injuries. —Elizabeth Clor, runner and marketing executive from Virginia

  • Sidekick

    Sidekick Echo Muscle Reliever

    This is the perfect self-massage tool for a runner. I use these tools to work through tight areas of my muscles and fascia before I head out for a run every morning. Compared with the price of a massage, it pays for itself quickly. —Sara Hall, Asics athlete and professional marathoner

  • Amazon

    Sparklypets Hands-Free Dog Leash

    I don’t have to worry about keeping a hold of my dog’s lead while I’m running with this hands-free leash, and the dog gets to roam around more freely and have more fun. It also comes with a neat little storage section for treats, water bottles, and all kinds of other stuff. —Erika Barnes, runner and founder of Pet Smitten

  • Courtesy of brand / Amanda Bailey

    Supergoop! Play Everyday Sunscreen Lotion

    I like the Supergoop! Play sunscreen in the jumbo-size bottle with the pump. It’s vegan, sweat-resistant, and super easy to apply on the way out the door for a run. —Nate Lipka, runner in Los Angeles

  • Amazon

    Nathan Light Spur

    When it’s dark out, there’s nothing more important than staying safe and visible while getting those miles in. These spurs hook onto the back of any shoe, light up in multiple fun colors, and are so comfortable you’ll forget they’re there. —Lauren Ross, runner in Portland, Oregon

  • Amazon

    Under Armour Women’s Launch Run Hat

    A good running hat fits well, protects your skin from the elements, and stands in for sunglasses if you forget them.

  • Courtesy of the brand / Amanda K Bailey

    Theragun Mini

    Recovery is essential for runners because it allows the body to rest before the next exercise. A massage gun (like this one from Therabody) is very useful in this area, relieving sore muscles and allowing you to return to the road in a better condition more quickly. —Rose Marry, runner and fitness expert with Trainer Academy

  • Amazon

    Best Gift Compression Leg Massager

    This compression leg massager is a great way to improve your recovery time, relieve soreness, and work out muscle kinks. Also, it just feels incredible. Runners should give their feet and legs a little extra attention, and this is a nice way to do it. I personally keep it under my desk and use it while I work or after a hard run. —Emily Higgins, runner, and founder of Girl Let’s Glow

  • Amazon

    Body Glide Original Anti-Chafe Balm

    I consider this an excellent gift for any active woman. A single application of Body Glide protects your skin and prevents chafing all day long. Whether they’re planning on running, biking, or any other outdoor activity, this balm will protect against unwanted soreness and keep you comfy. —Cara Murchie, runner and writer

  • Nike

    Nike Impossibly Light Women’s Hooded Running Jacket

  • Amazon

    Garmin Forerunner 235

    I’ve used this running watch and love it so much more than the older Garmin models I previously trained with. I love that you can program speed workouts via the Garmin Connect app and then send them to your phone so that you don’t have to memorize intervals and remember to manually lap your splits. Another favorite feature is the race predictor, which gives me a snapshot of my marathon training progress relative to my goals. —E.B.

  • Amazon

    Swiftwick Aspire Four Crew Socks

    Swiftwick socks are a great moisture-wicking option if you live in a hot and humid climate, as I do in Houston. They are a bit pricier than most running socks, but their durability makes them well worth it. —E.B.

    Available in sizes S to XL.

  • Amazon

    Oofos Oolala Thong Sandals

    These recovery sandals are always in my marathon gear check bag or in my car trunk to change into immediately after long runs. Trust me, your feet will feel immediately better in these cushiony sandals if they’re swollen and blistered up after a hard run. These Oofos sandals also absorb impact and support your arches, making them a great option if you’re prone to plantar fasciitis, as I sometimes am. —E.B.

    Available in sizes 5 to 11.

  • Amazon

    Nathan Hydration Running Belt Trail Mix Plus

    This is a great, no-bounce running belt for runners of all levels. The Nathan fuel belt allows you enough room to store your phone and enough liquid to get you through longer runs. The reflective design also improves your visibility to cars and cyclists on the road. —Jessica Quillin, runner, running influencer, and content strategist

  • Courtesy of the brand / Amanda K Bailey

    Garmin Venu 2S

    Another Garmin that’s one of our top-recommended running products is the Venu 2S. Our reviewer writes: “I really liked this smartwatch: Its ease of use means I can devote that saved brainpower to my workout, not my watch. And then when I’m done, I’m left with some really helpful (and accurate) workout data to help me make the most of my training.”

  • Lululemon

    Lululemon All the Right Places High-Rise Crop

    I’ve been wearing these Lululemon leggings for years. Pockets are a must-have for my running leggings, and the pockets are big enough to comfortably store my iPhone XR (with a case) and nutrition for long runs. They’re high-waisted and extremely flattering too. —Janissa Delzo, runner in Putney, Vermont

    Available in sizes 0 to 14.

  • Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit 2

    I’ve been running the majority of my miles in this shoe since its release. The higher stacked foam provides a softer, more cushioned feel, which becomes extra important as your miles increase, and its sock-like liner keeps your foot secure, stable, and comfortable. —SELF associate fitness and food editor Christa Sgobba previously wrote for SELF

  • Noxgear

    Noxgear Tracer360 Vest

    As the days get shorter, I absolutely need this vest to help me run safely (and visibly) in the dark or at dawn/dusk. I love that the vests are not just one-size-fits-all, and they are super lightweight. The brand also makes light-up gear for dogs! —Sarah Yehle Keil, runner in Nashville

    Available in sizes S to XL.

  • Senita

    Senita Sarah Sports Bra

    This is the only bra I want to wear because it holds my phone and I don’t know it’s there. —Erica Kegley, runner in Anderson, Indiana

    Available in sizes XS to XXL.

  • CEP

    CEP Ultralight Tall Compression Socks

  • Amazon

    Camelbak Ultra Handheld

    This running water bottle has a nice adjustable hand strap, so it’s easy to hold. The top can be locked so water doesn’t squirt out. And the little pocket is handy to hold keys, gummies, or a credit card/I.D. —Sara Gilles, runner in Naples, Florida

  • Amazon

    Mobo Board

    I rely on my Mobo Board to keep my feet (especially my Achilles’ tendons) healthy. I have found that spending quality time on therapy can make all the difference. —Briana Boehmer, runner, coach, and triathlete

  • Amazon

    New Balance Impact Shorts

    I was on the hunt for a pair of running shorts that are breezy and comfortable, don’t ride up, have a non-binding waistband, and, especially, have pockets bigger than a thumbnail. These have a three-inch inseam and higher-cut dolphin hem, which means there’s no extra fabric getting caught between my thighs. They’ve also got reflective detailing, a low-profile drawcord, a flat waistband, and three pockets (a large zippered back pocket and two roomy, hidden waistband pockets). —Vallee Ross, runner in Houston

    Available in sizes XS to XL.

  • Amazon

    Balega Hidden Comfort Socks

    Our feet do so much work while running and we need to protect them at all costs. These Balega socks have the perfect amount of cushion and comfort, and they don’t slip off your heel. They are a must for running in all seasons. —India Cook, runner in Atlanta, coach and cohost of the Run Duo podcast

    Available in sizes S to XL.

  • Amazon

    Hothands Hand & Toe Warmers

    These hand warmers are a great stocking stuffer because my hands otherwise won’t make it through winter runs, even with ski mittens. —Allison Goldstein, runner in Jersey City and 2020 Olympic Marathon Trials qualifier

  • Amazon

    Superfeet Run Comfort Carbon Fiber Orthotic Shoe Insoles

    I use these all the time while running, standing, walking, and coaching. It’s kept my arches happy—no plantar fasciitis in years! I usually have two to three pairs in rotation. They are great for people who are on their feet a lot, especially those who run too. —Elizabeth Corkum (aka Coach Corky), runner and running coach in New York City

  • The Runner’s Wall

    The Runner’s Wall Medal Display

    I love The Runner’s Wall, which displays your medals. It’s such a great way to look back at your achievements—especially now. —Tinne Teugels, runner in New York City

  • Allbirds

    Allbirds Tree Dashers 2

    I’m faithful to my very cushioned Brooks Ghost running shoes and only occasionally branch out to try a different style. I was happy I gave the Allbirds Tree Dashers a chance because they’re lightweight, supportive, and look really great—like, really great. I like them best for short three-mile jogs since they are supportive but not as cushioned as my Brooks. —M.M.

    Available in sizes 5 to 11.

  • Amazon

    Dr Teal’s Eucalyptus & Spearmint Relax & Relief Gift Set

    I take more baths than anyone I know (seriously, unless we’re counting babies), and I swear by Dr. Teal’s Epsom salt-soaking solutions and foaming bath products. Two to four baths a week really help me recover quicker after long runs and workouts. —Vicky Oddi, runner in Houston and host of the Runners of Hou podcast

  • Picky Bars

    Picky Bars Picky Club Box

    I love all Picky Bars products and a subscription is the best way to sample it all: The bars come in different flavors, performance oatmeal, and performance granola, delivered at a frequency you designate. As a runner myself, I eat the Picky Bars performance oatmeal every morning before my run, because it’s so easy and quick to make, and the bars are ideal for a long run and recovery because of their four-to-one carbs-to-protein ratio. —Jinghuan Liu Tervalon, runner in Altadena, California

  • Amazon

    Nuun Sport Electrolyte Tablets

    These are great stocking stuffers for runners who need to stock up on electrolytes. —Kristina Scaviola, runner in Dracut, Massachusetts

  • REI

    Kahtoola Nanospikes Traction System

    I moved to Minneapolis from Manhattan, and it can get super icy here, especially if you run along the Mississippi. These lightweight spikes don’t change the feel of your stride at all and can literally save your butt. —Malia Fray, runner in Minneapolis

    Available in sizes XS to XL.

  • Run Angel

    Run Angel Personal Safety Wearable

    This personal alarm provides that extra sense of safety during solo runs. —Terrieha LeighAnn Romer, runner in Greensboro, North Carolina

  • Koala Clip

    Koala Clip Lux

    I wore this phone-holding clip on the back of my sports bra during the New York City Marathon and didn’t notice it or my phone at all throughout the race. Afterward, I was really glad to be able to immediately call my husband. —Lindsey Hein, host of I’ll Have Another podcast

    Available in sizes M, L, and XL.

  • Saucony

    Saucony Stopwatch Long Sleeve Top

    We have a short, mild winter where I live in Houston, and as much as I love running in it, it can be hard to find cold-weather gear that isn’t too thick and will have me wanting to shed it halfway through my long run. This thin top fits true to size, is super lightweight, and does a great job at wicking sweat while not leaving me overheating or getting cold on those crisp runs. —E.B.

    Available in sizes XXS to XL.

  • Amazon

    KT Tape Pro Synthetic Kinesiology Therapeutic Sports Tape

    KT Tape Pro strips are great for most of the body when training and during recovery too. They are especially good for my knee and ankle when I run fast. —Molly Seidel, Olympic bronze medalist and professional long-distance runner

  • Amazon

    Huma Chia Energy Gel

    I have terrible stomach issues and am limited in what I can take in during a run. I love that these have all-natural ingredients and taste so good, too. —Ada Nieves, runner in Kissimmee, Florida

  • Shefit

    Shefit Ultimate Sports Bra

    This is the best sports bra for big busts and want to do HIIT workouts or run while feeling supported. —Krista Jurczenia, runner in Phoenix

    Available in sizes XS to 6XL.

    Editor’s note: SheFit’s one of our favorite plus-size brands too.

  • Oiselle

    Oiselle Firecracker Reflective Gloves

    I’m always losing dark-colored gloves, so the bright colors on these make them hard to lose. Also, I love that they’re light yet warm since my hands are the sweatiest part of me when I finally warm up on a run. —Tonya Russell, runner in Woodbury, New Jersey

  • REI

    Shokz OpenRun Pro Headphones

    I used earbuds for many years before my husband bought these wireless headphones for me after a dog attacked me by surprise because I didn’t hear him coming. These headphones block out the noise by lying over your ear, not inside it. Even though it is an open-ear device, I can hear my music clearly, as well as any other noise around me. They are also super light and charge quickly. —Marcherie Vazquez, runner in Fort Worth, Texas

  • REI

    Herschel Supply Co. Fourteen Waistpack

    I got this fanny pack because I was constantly losing my credit cards, house key, and loose cash during runs. Previously, I just stuffed those items in my pockets or bra but they somehow managed to slip out. I like that this is big enough to carry some other items too, like a cell phone, lip balm, and reusable grocery bag. —M.M.

  • Amazon

    Under Armour Hovr Sonic 4 Running Shoes

    I love that this shoe has Bluetooth capability to connect to my MapMyRun app. It teaches me how to be a better runner by tracking my running metrics and also coaches me during runs. —Natalie Bell, runner in Winnipeg, Canada

  • Jackrabbit

    Brooks Method 5-Inch Short Tights

    I love these tights. They come in awesome colors and hold everything without riding up or pulling down. I wore them for the Chicago Marathon and carried my cell phone, five gels, and salt tablets with no problems. —Gaby Ramirez, runner in Houston

    Available in sizes XS to XXL.

  • Amazon

    Ultimate Direction Women’s Ultra Vesta 5.0 Trail Running Vest

    This vest has been a game-changer for my marathon training. It carries my phone, water, and keys easily, and is so comfortable I forget I’m even wearing it on my long runs. —Maria Solis Belizaire, runner in New York City and founder of Latinos Run

  • Tracksmith

    Tracksmith Allston Bra

    I love that this sports bra has a nice, deep front pocket to store my phone and ID. It also dries quickly, doesn’t pull down (as short pockets often do), and it keeps things securely in place for the entire run. Plus, the bra itself is sleek and very comfortable. —Carolyn Su, runner in Boston and creator of the Diverse We Run Instagram account

    Available in sizes XS to L.

  • Courtesy of brand / Amanda Bailey

    Daily Harvest

    I’m always hungry after a run and need to eat right away, as in I don’t want to prep or cook anything. That’s when I grab these Daily Harvest oatmeal bowls, smoothies, and snack bites (another meal kit favorite at SELF). The bowls and smoothies come frozen, and you just add your milk of choice before microwaving or blending. Usually, I eat one of the bites, which taste like cookie dough, while blending my smoothie. —M.M.

  • Sarah Marie Design Studio

    Sarah Marie Design Studio Fitness Nail Wraps

    I love to do my nails before big races, so these marathon nail wraps would be a great gift for any runner who likes to do the same. —Molly Huddle, Saucony athlete and American half-marathon and 10K record holder

  • Amazon

    Trailheads Ponytail Hat

    This beanie hat is my favorite because it covers my ears and has a hole in the back to pull my ponytail through. It stands up to my long, thick Latina hair! —Maria Suner-Kasher, runner in Chicago

  • Amazon

    Master the Marathon by Ali Nolan

    There are a lot of marathon training guides out there, but not many are specifically tailored to the needs of women. Whether you’re embarking on training for your first marathon, or you want to zero in on the tweaks necessary to rock your next one, this book is a must-read that’s packed with solid expert advice. —E.B. 

  • Courtesy of brand / Amanda Bailey

    Under Armour Sports Mask

    This sports mask costs more than many other face masks, but I think it’s worth the price. I like the moisture-wicking material because it dries quickly so I’m not left with a sweaty, wet mask after my run. I wear this for hours at a time to walk through my neighborhood, and I barely even notice it is on my face. —M.M.

  • Amazon

    Rise & Run: Recipes, Rituals, and Runs to Fuel Your Day by Shalane Flanagan and Elyse Kopecky

    This cookbook for runners written by reputable dietitians Elyse Kopecky and Shalane Flanagan is simply amazing and a great gift idea. It helps develop a diet and promotes cooking styles that support sleep, wellness, good moods, recovery, and productivity—significant factors in a runner’s life. —Nataly Komova, runner and fitness expert at Just CBD

  • Courtesy of On / Amanda K Bailey

    On Cloudmonster

    The On Cloudmonsters won a 2022 Sneaker Award for best responsive sneakers. If the runner in your life is looking for a high-quality running sneaker, our commerce editor tested these and found them to be excellent, cushioned sneakers. 

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